The printing is done to order by  Whitewall, 
based in Germany. They will deliver to any 
country. This saves on shipping costs. 
Their customer service is outstanding, 
so if there is a problem with the print, 
contact me, and I will resolve this.
I am able to offer prints on high quality 
photo papers and directly printed onto 
aluminium. These can be framed by the 
printer, from the selction they have.
The papers I select are iamge based.

       The papers are:
Some of the images work very well 
directly printed on aluminium.
The Fuji, Kodak, and Ilford Black
and White can be mounted on a Dibond
backing with Acrylic bonded on top.
The images can be printed at various
sizes. This is only limited by how 
big the image can be printed, how 
big I feel it can be, or the print media.